The Tastes of North Texas

If you have not had a chance to sample all the food here in Denton, you are not the only one, though your local Kiwanis chapter is here to help. Every year they host the Taste of North Texas where ou can sample all the good stuff. From some new places like Upper Park Cafe to some that have been here for years like Candy Haven and Milpa’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. That will at least help with most of your taste buds right there. There are many others that help this local event that benefits the Kiwanis Children’s Hospital.

Now starting out, I was taking it slow, about half way through I was full. When they do an event, it is an event. With multiple vendors and restaurants volleying for your vote of the People’s Choice and Kids Choice, there was so much to choose from. TWU Catering had a lettuce wrap with chicken or tofu, while you had Palio’s and Mellow Mushroom with their fares which included a safe flavor and something a little different. Plus with a little music and some good conversation with the people there, it was a great time.

There were some vendors out that were giving a taste of things to come as well. Upper Park Cafe is taking over the space where Samone Lounge, Gerheart’s, and Muddy Jake’s tried to fill. With a breakfast and lunch fare that will give the square another option for some upscale yet home style feel. 

Once you were done with the main course there was so many sweet options to choose from. The local favorite Beth Marie’s Ice Cream, Candy Haven, and opening in the new Denton Location in June was Sprouts to fill out your sweet tooth favorites from ice cream, cake, and jellybeans to win the Kid’s vote over. 

So, to say the least, my first time at The Taste of North Texas was one that filled me up. From the local barbecue to tacos, and ice cream to truffles, it was something I believe everyone should experience. You feel like you have done some good by helping a local charity and helping your hunger out by getting some good staples here in Denton.


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