Denton’s Traveling Grooming Parlor & Beard Emporium


If you have been to Eastside here in Denton, you can’t help but notice the truck sitting behind it with Eric Mancini branded hood and a tattoo art inspired emblem on the side depicting a goateed lady. If not, you might not be paying much attention to the place around you. The Traveling Grooming Parlor and Beard Emporium was envisioned by Jenn and Zach Johnson, this barber shop is more than what your father or grandfather went to. 

Lined with beard products and accessories, with a decanter of whiskey and cigars, this homage to a time and experience that is making a comeback. The dark wood and green painted inside make it feel like you are a Dapper Dan Man sitting and getting a clean cut in a small town barber chair. 

With a style all its own, you can head in and get a great experience with one of the shops great stylist that include Gary, Ashley, and Jenn herself. You can get a beard trim, a stylish cut. or a straight razor shave, if you give them advance notice. They like to talk, when I go in there, the conversation usually moves to movies and TV shows, what we binge watch on Netflix, or just how life is going. You can sit out on the faux grass area they created outside and just conversate with some of the locals, The personal nature makes you feel like you have been a customer for years. 


So, if you enjoy a good cigar and whiskey and want that feel of an old style barber shop, head here, this place will be a great memory to add to your time in Denton. 





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