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I overheard at a local hangout, someone stating, "I wish there was a place like this where we live." This site was something that I had envisioned for a while, a combination of writing and recordings that deliver the essence of Denton, TX; The eclectic, hard-working, fun, and laid back place to be. Denton is that place that makes you feel like you are always home.

I set out to find places and people that inhibit that same feeling that we get here in Denton, TX and find your own 'lil d.

-Charles Burkett

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Charles Burkett

Founder and the original Denton Traveler

Came to school at UNT back in 1996 to study Radio/TV/Film had to drop out yet came back 20 years later to pursue his true dream of Journalism and Podcasting.

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