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The Denton Traveler Podcast

Friday, April 29, 2016

DJ Jazzy Jazzfest and the Dentonites

Well fellow Dentonites, it is that time of year, where things get muddy, thunderstorms come in, and that means it is time for Jazz Fest! For 36 years, Denton has hosted this great family friendly event with artisans and musicians coming in from all over. I have been to most of them, when I can, and have attended for going on 5 years straight, so, I think I have some insight on this event. Here are some things to help out some of the newbies and to remind some of the seasoned Jazz Fest veterans out there. 

  • First off, if you have a phone, get a good charge in the morning, if you have backup batteries, bring them or a charger. The reason I say this, go on to their Facebook page and make sure that you look at all the events, they are sectioned out by stages and you can see who is playing and when. Plus you can take some great pics and share them on the page and with the #Jazzfest and #DentonTrav, and keep an eye on possible weather situations (it is Jazzfest and it is notorious for weather situations). I have listed some other helpful page links here below as well. I did the searching for you.
  • Next, don't forget sunscreen! Trust me on this one, even though it might seen cloudy, this is where it gets bad, so, unless you plan on being a lobster or wanting to match the color of the crawfish you just ate, I would suggest a few coats during the weekend. 
  • Bug spray, not a bad idea to go ahead and have some on hand for when it gets into the evening, those little buggers can be frustrating and make for a not-so-fun-fest.
  • Cash, good idea to have some on you, most of the vendors now have some kind of card swiping, but at times just makes it easier and keeps you from having to go to the ones that charge you at the festival.
  • Water, I would grab a few bottles of water to head out or one that you can refill there. It is planning on being a nice day on Saturday, but you can get dehydrated pretty fast.
  • Blankets and something to sit on, I recommend the folding chairs if you can but at least a blanket, with all the rain here lately, it is going to be a bit wet, I would get something that will fight the wetness of the ground but also make for a place you and your friends can call home for the next few days during the festival.
  • Sunglasses, well, you have to look cool while you are doing the Chicken Dance, plus it helps when you take those pictures as well. 
  • A hat- keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your head so you don't get sunburned.
  • Also, head by either of my good friends close by at The Bearded MonkMidway Mart or Midway Craft House and get you some cans of good tasting beer to take out there as well if you don't want to spent too much. And Midway Craft House and The Bearded Monk had some plastic growlers available as well, last I heard, but they might go pretty quick for the weekend. Now I will say, the proceeds do go to the festival for all the food and beer purchased there.
  • And a bag for all of this to go in, I usually take a backpack, it is easier to deal with and transport. Plus, I can hang things off of it and keep my purchased items in there, if they aren't too big or fragile (it's Italian). 
  • Last but not least... friends, family, coworkers, sons, daughters, and everyone in between. This is what makes this fun, the memories and fun shared with friends and family while you are there. Be respectful of others, meet some new friends, get some good food and drinks, a great souvenir, and as always, be safe!
There is my list and advice for fun at the annual Jazz Fest. Hope this helps some people out there and enjoy this year listening to some great music and fun at what Brave Combo's Dave Finch would say is Denton's Family Reunion! 

Stay safe and have fun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Raised Right Men, Crawfish, and Other Denton Spicyness

Well, to say that this weekend was fun would be an understatement. With all the going on here in Denton, we got to see how to do a crawfish broil done right. With the Denton Kiwanis Club and Eastside, you know you will have a good time. With the proceeds going to a good cause, why not? Good food and a good cause, always a reason to head out and see what is going on. 

We headed out to Eastside, with the great weather and good food we couldn't pass up this opportunity. We walked over and surveyed the area, some were already in line and others had taken up their spots to start chowing down on some great crawfish. John Williams pulled out his new beer wagon and got some different tappings out for the people, plus with the great weather and great music from Raised Right Men, it made for a great event! With over $3000 raised for the event, this was a great time had for all. As we walked over to get the tickets to get a helping of the tasty little beasts, the salty and spicy smells filled the air as they were cooking and getting them ready for us to devour. While that was happening my wife got us situated close to the line and I went and got some of the food, with a corn cob, two potatoes, and a pound of the crawfish, we were set. 

Now, for those of you that have not had any of these spicy, tasty little critters, it is something that is a bit different and sometimes agonizing. You have to crack these things open and rip out the meat, a bit like shrimp, yet with half the meat at times. Mudbugs are something I have known to come to love, even though they tend to be a lot of work, it is worth it. I think for myself, it is the fun of sharing spicy fingers and hanging out with good people, for me, I love when I get a chance to do both. My wife and I, with our chihuahua Bandit, got out there and in line and met some people and got to share some space with some new friends. 

So when you see a place hosting an event that includes some of those delicious, flavorful little spiny creatures, head down and grab some as soon as you can, get your spice on and have some fun. I had a great time and it was fun to see everyone out at the event and getting to meet some new people as well.

The Denton Traveler

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Lost Episode Season 1 Episode 1 Full Edited

Here is the full recording of the premiere episode in all its glory. It is edited and scaled down for your enjoyment!

You can also download the episode HERE to listen to later!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

Here is Season 1 Episode 2 of the Podcast, I talk about Halley's Heroes and Jazz Fest and some other Denton happenings.

You can also download the episode HERE to listen to later!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Tastes of North Texas

If you have not had a chance to sample all the food here in Denton, you are not the only one, though your local Kiwanis chapter is here to help. Every year they host the Taste of North Texas where ou can sample all the good stuff. From some new places like Upper Park Cafe to some that have been here for years like Candy Haven and Milpa's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. That will at least help with most of your taste buds right there. There are many others that help this local event that benefits the Kiwanis Children's Hospital.

Now starting out, I was taking it slow, about half way through I was full. When they do an event, it is an event. With multiple vendors and restaurants volleying for your vote of the People's Choice and Kids Choice, there was so much to choose from. TWU Catering had a lettuce wrap with chicken or tofu, while you had Palio's and Mellow Mushroom with their fares which included a safe flavor and something a little different. Plus with a little music and some good conversation with the people there, it was a great time.
There were some vendors out that were giving a taste of things to come as well. Upper Park Cafe is taking over the space where Samone Lounge, Gerheart's, and Muddy Jake's tried to fill. With a breakfast and lunch fare that will give the square another option for some upscale yet home style feel. 

Once you were done with the main course there was so many sweet options to choose from. The local favorite Beth Marie's Ice Cream, Candy Haven, and opening in the new Denton Location in June was Sprouts to fill out your sweet tooth favorites from ice cream, cake, and jellybeans to win the Kid's vote over. 

So, to say the least, my first time at The Taste of North Texas was one that filled me up. From the local barbecue to tacos, and ice cream to truffles, it was something I believe everyone should experience. You feel like you have done some good by helping a local charity and helping your hunger out by getting some good staples here in Denton.