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The Denton Traveler Podcast

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Vermont Adventures

Hello fellow travelersI have been out and about for a while, and come to you bringing new gifts of fun. I have been to some new places in Vermont, new experiences, beer, and other oddities. I had a great time while I was in the Burlington, VT area, lots of rest and relaxation, good food, amazing beers, great experiences. Plus, I have been frequenting a location here that I would like to highlight in the next post, that is later. Overall, some new brews and excitement to be had.

My trip into Vermont was wonderful, traveled into New Hampshire where we went for lunch at Murphy's Taproom a little pub style bar in Manchester, NH and a beer that was local to that area. The food was great, their Ruben sandwich is amazing, not sure if that was due to how hungry I was or not.

Next, we drove into Burlington, VT, this was an interesting sight, a wonderful small town right next to lake Champlain, where apparently, Ethan Allen was stationed and was a local hero, not sure why though, could have been all those furniture stores he opened. Anyways, one of the main areas there is Church Street, this is a town square filled with shops and home to some great pubs. The Church Street Tavern has some great outside seating as well as some awesome food. There is also Sweetwaters, which has some decent food. There are all sorts of shops and eateries in the area as well.

The best part of that area are the farms and the local Farmer's Market. This market was one of the best I have seen. Lots of great produce and interesting crafts. Cheese and Maple syrup are a main stay in that area and are wonderful. Shelbourne Farms is one of the places we went, where they have an awesome actual working farm. Great food and great cheese. The main house has a bar and seating areas, as well as a beautiful flower garden. I enjoy taking some good nature photos as well guys.

The beauty of this was great. I had a great time while I was there. With some of the best pictures and scenery I have had in a while. The carvings of the heads were a little creepy though. 

Also, on Wednesday, there is a great little place called JP's Pub that has karaoke and it is great, the people there are fun and it has a real atmosphere for karaoke. It seems small, but you can have a great time there. We stayed longer than we thought we would, but had a blast. You can find them on Facebook to check the times they are open with the link above.

I think I added some extra weight with the beer selections that I will have to work off. If you get a chance try some of the local brews like Long Trail, also Magic Hat is brewed right there in Burlington, and you can get a tour of the brewery, didn't get a chance, maybe later. There were also some others that were real good. Plus, if you go to The Whiskey Room, there is a local whiskey that you can get that is real smooth. 

Had a great time, met some real great people and good food. As always, there are good drinks and friends to be found, keep your eyes and ears open. Have fun, and always tip the ones that serve you.

The Denton Traveler