Friday, March 3, 2017

Kimzey's Coffee Shop

You hop in your car and you have to travel that long and winding road down 377 through Argyle, hitting traffic and lights have you frustrated as you sit, but wait, there is hope! Just off 377 in Argyle now sits a quaint coffee shop, Kimzey's. Sitting just behind Earl's 377 Pizza is a place that looks like it was pulled out of The Hobbit and plopped down in Argyle. 
As you step in, you feel like you have been transported to a quaint little shire in Middle Earth. 

The decor resembling more of a tea room feel, yet, still makes it a cozy home feel. With two fireplaces, one in front and one in the back, it brings you into a place that feels more like it should be in another country, but hey, we are in Texas. A cozy atmosphere where you can sit and listen to music by yourself or grab a group of friends and sit at the large cove, where you feel like you are part of the Fellowship of the ring. 

Kimzey Roll
Kimzey Roll
With a menu of offerings of coffee and treats from the local Denton coffee shop West Oak, this will be a place that you will find yourself at often. They have all your coffee offerings from the regular drip to the high-end lat├ęs using locally roasted beans and treats such as muffins, scones, and the Kimsey Roll, a cinnamon roll treat that you will be back for more, maybe even second breakfast. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Denton's Traveling Grooming Parlor & Beard Emporium

If you have been to Eastside here in Denton, you can't help but notice the truck sitting behind it with Eric Mancini branded hood and a tattoo art inspired emblem on the side depicting a goateed lady. If not, you might not be paying much attention to the place around you. The Traveling Grooming Parlor and Beard Emporium was envisioned by Jenn and Zach Johnson, this barber shop is more than what your father or grandfather went to. 

Lined with beard products and accessories, with a decanter of whiskey and cigars, this homage to a time and experience that is making a comeback. The dark wood and green painted inside make it feel like you are a Dapper Dan Man sitting and getting a clean cut in a small town barber chair. 

With a style all its own, you can head in and get a great experience with one of the shops great stylist that include Gary, Ashley, and Jenn herself. You can get a beard trim, a stylish cut. or a straight razor shave, if you give them advance notice. They like to talk, when I go in there, the conversation usually moves to movies and TV shows, what we binge watch on Netflix, or just how life is going. You can sit out on the faux grass area they created outside and just conversate with some of the locals, The personal nature makes you feel like you have been a customer for years. 

So, if you enjoy a good cigar and whiskey and want that feel of an old style barber shop, head here, this place will be a great memory to add to your time in Denton. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dot's Hopin' House

Here in Denton, we tend to get some nostalgia with our bars and eateries, a new blended with historic, a natural way of letting old grow with the new. One person that does this well is John Williams, owner of Oak Street Draft House and Eastside. He tends to take a space and create a historic yet inviting atmosphere that is uniquely Denton, until now. Dot's Hop House, located at 2645 Commerce St in Dallas, TX in the Deep Ellum area, is a sight. Personally, this is a place that when I heard about it, I was excited, because this is exactly what I like to see as the Denton Traveler, that laid back feel of Denton in other places. 

Some Dallas venues tend to be a bit uptight, but Dot's is the exact opposite of that, with a huge beer garden and a fully stocked beer and drink list, John has brought a taste of Denton to the Dallas scene, with a food menu to match. Bringing some people that we know here in the Denton scene to help provide the extra friendliness that we know here in Denton, and that will hopefully spread out to the Dallas Area. 

The original space was home to a Ford dealership back in the days, and John has paid homage by using some unique items to adorn the space. As you walk in you have a pub feel on the inside, cozy and warm with rich dark wood. As you walk outside, there is an homage to the Dallas music scene with a mosaic portraying Blind Lemon Jefferson and other music greats in Dallas's history, out in the back of the beer garden, a stained glass window of Dallas sporting legends- including Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, The Stars Stanley Cup win, and others, and you are met with a colossal chandelier adorning the back area with 65,000 glass beads

If you thought this place was only about the drinks, think again, John has also collaborated with Rodman Shields of Common Table, then hiring Common Table's own Nick Wells as head chef, so, food is not just a run of the mill menu.

With the initial visit there, we shared some drinks with friends and found it to be worth the trip, plus anyone not wanting to drive, the Elm St Station of DART is just a half mile walk, not far. 

So, go head out and see the big bearded man, John Williams, addition to the Deep Ellum scene, Dot's Hop House, you will not be disappointed. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hidden Pools of Splendor

I know it has been a while, for that, I apologise, I am still here for you Denton. Anyways, on to the good stuff. I have recently come back from the Texas hill country and have been to some interesting places. I would recomend checking out a few places if you have a chance to get that way. Here they are!

     1. Krause Springs- Spicewood, TX

What can I say about this place that would bring it justice, one word, beautiful. With a haven of people hanging out and having a good time, this place, for the money, is one of the best. Fed by natural springs that go from a spring fed pool, dropping down into a lagoon of hill country beauty, this is the place to go, yes I did try the rope swing, and it was awesome. Head that way and have some fun on one weekend in the warm summer months to cool off. At $7 per adult and $5 per child 4-11, it is a great place for everyone, and family affordable!

     2. Pedernellas Falls- Spicewood, TX

With a natural beauty of the hill country going into natural falls, this place is pretty cool, they have a swimming hole near the bottom of the falls. Grab some water shoes or some that you mmight not mind getting wet, because there is a little bit of a hike to it, but worth it. You have to pay for entrance, but still, cheap considering all the high priced water parks out there. Plus you can hike all arround, but keep watch, the walls are unpredictable and can get dangerous, and they warn you about it.

There are more comming, check back to see what else is out there!
Have some fun and be careful. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Podcast Episode 4

Here is Episode 4 of the Podcast, I talk with Wesley Kirk about The People of Denton and focus on some other Denton area happenings.

You can also download the episode HERE to listen to later!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Save the Marble Falls

So, I recently had the opportunity to visit some of the sights of Marble Falls, TX where there has been interesting growth in this little hill country Texas town. Many people know the area around Marble Falls, including Horseshoe Bay, Deerhaven, Sunrise Beach, Cottonwood Shores, and some of the Colorado River man-made lakes including Lake Marble Falls, LBJ Lake, Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan, and Lake Travis. With that being said, I was able to take some time on the Memorial Day weekend with my wife to experience one of the interesting breweries in the area, Save the World Brewing Company

This little brewing company started with the idea that all proceeds would go towards local charities and host a non-profit idea. Started by two physicians, Dave and Quynh Rathkamp, from Austin who wanted to see a change in the world and saw the opportunity through craft beer, and started a purely philanthropic brewing company. This idea lead to Save the World Brewing Company located on the North side of Marble Falls, they even tout some excellent beers that have everyone lining up to try. They are truly looking to enhance the area and give back to the community and are #doingitDenton even out in the beautiful Texas Hill country. 

I had a flight of the Celebration Ales with my wife of the more interesting ones that included Princeps Pacis (Prince of Peace), Sol Hominis (Sun of Man), Celestis Thesauri (Heavenly Treasures), Bonus Pastor (The Good Shephard), Sanguis (The Blood), and Verbum in Tenebris (Word in the Darkness). Some of you Bible scholars might notice the Latin influences of naming their beers, and they do focus on Christian influences as they were missionaries as well. The Princeps Pacis is a light fruity yet spiced toned beer that goes down easy and has a great flavor (one of the wife's favorites), Sol Hominis has more floral tones with a crisp finish, Celestis Thesauri was a farmhouse inspired ale (my pick of the day), Bonus Pastor is a Scotch Ale that puts a spin on the "wee heavy" ales is a good one (it was a warm day and would have been great on a cool fall day), rounding out with the Sanguis barleywine that is great for some of you who are wine drinkers looking for a touch in the beer world, and then finaly the Vebum in Tenebris a milk stout that has hints of chocolate and mint (one of my other favorites). 

As I was talking with some of the helpful ladies and Quynh, they recommend doing a flight, finding one that you like, and then getting a glass. Now they actually give you the glass and you can bring it back for discount refills, so DON'T LOOSE THE GLASS! They do have a line especially for their beer club they name as the True Beerleivers which gets you a shirt, glass to keep in the brewery when you come back, free pours, and some special event notices as well in their newsletter. This brewery is doing it right and has a great tone of relaxing wine country feel and will keep people coming back.

So, when you are roaming around the Austin and hill country area of Texas and need that break from the busy nature of the city, looking for a new relaxing piece of Texas, go check out Save the World Brewing Company. 

Save the World Brewing Company: 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Podcast Episode 3

Here is Episode 3 of the Podcast, I talk with Velo Republic Bike shop and ReGeared about the Denton Bicycle Tour and some other Denton happenings.

You can also download the episode HERE to listen to later!